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The Power Elite

admin /1 December, 2014

Published in 2 Parts – Part 1

Elusive Realities And Truths Behind Popular Perceptions
When one ventures too closely in examining Global Power Structures, one invariably encounters ritual disclaimers of "conspiracy theory". The general public, at all levels, has long been systematically diverted from serious analysis by a controlled media and entertainment industry. We are only told what those in control wish us to know in the form in which they wish us to know it. Education standards have likewise been systematically and gradually corrupted in this dumbing down process.

National culture, tradition and public morality have likewise been destabilised. The "Race card" and Political Correctness are part of this process, largely in the hands of an unrepresentative minority of only one select political or philosophical tendency. We read of this in the writing of such distinguished authorities as Professor Noam Chomsky. We do not need fatuously cosmetic Royal Commissions, Public Inquiries, Committees or "Quangos" to tell us what is staring us in the face. Over several decades these, like equally cosmetic regulatory bodies, have achieved virtually nothing; nor are some, like regulation of Media pornography, apparently intended to.

Cuts to baby bonus could slow economy

admin /24 October, 2012

Cuts to baby bonus could slow economySydney Morning HeraldStatistical modelling of the population growth rate between 1997 and 2011, which also takes into consideration the effects of economic prosperity and migration, suggests that $5000 of baby bonus added around 33 basis points to the population growth rate.See all stories on this topic »Sydney Morning HeraldStatistical Continue Reading →

Solar households to get paid for all their power

admin /10 November, 2009

  Solar households to get paid for all their power ABC November 10, 2009, 3:09 pm The New South Wales Government has reversed its policy on solar power – meaning households with solar energy systems will soon be paid for all of the electricity they generate. The state Government is adopting a gross feed-in tariff Continue Reading →

Welcome to the age of the eco-martyr.God help us

admin /9 November, 2009

Welcome to the age of the eco-martyr. God help us

Nothing will harm climate change campaigners as much as a judge decreeing that the green movement is a faith

Following Mr Justice Burton‘s ruling that green beliefs should enjoy the same protection as religious ones, many committed recyclers will have been wondering how green you have to be to become unsackable. Would buying Duchy Originals do the trick? Or would you need to be sustainably crucified or burned at the stake, prior to receiving compensation? In recitations of his own creed, Tim Nicholson, who won the ruling allowing him to claim discrimination, sets the bar rather lower.

“I no longer travel by aeroplane,” he told an employment tribunal, by way of piety credentials. “I have eco-renovated my home, I try to buy local produce, I compost my food waste, I encourage others to reduce their carbon emissions and I fear very much for the future of the human race, given the failure to reduce carbon emissions on a global scale.”

Ghost of Malthus stalks debate

admin /14 December, 2008

Not only is there a plague of people, argues Giovanni Ebono,
but it will take a religious revolution to stem its growth


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was in New York the week that the financial bubble burst, allowing him to strut the world stage at a vital moment, as John Winston Howard had coincidentally done on September 11 2001. The irony, though, buried by the financial drama, was that he had traveled there for a United Nations summit on World Poverty.

The irony is that World Poverty is almost completely due to the theft of resources from the poorest countries in the world, by a very small number of incredibly rich people. As soon as the wealth of those very rich people was threatened, World Poverty suddenly fell off the agenda.

In May 2000, 189 world leaders unanimously acknowledged world poverty as the shame of the 20th Century and signed a document to address it, known as the Millennium Development Goals. This set of eight tangible goals is designed to overcome the worst aspects of world poverty in a measurable, achievable way by 2015. More than half that allotted timeframe has passed and we are much less than half way there. The New York summit was set to address that fact.

Marvin Harris on India’s Sacred Cow

admin /6 July, 2008

News photographs that came out of India during the famine of the late 1960s showed starving people stretching out bony hands to beg for food while cattle strolled behind them undisturbed. The Hindu, it seems, would rather starve to death than eat his cow or even deprive it of food. Western specialists in food habits Continue Reading →