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A fast and fun-packed book launch in half an hour

Geoff Ebbs /28 January, 2021

The Your Life Your Planet book launch will happen on Friday February 12th at 10:30 eastern daylight time. That’s not far off! Book your free seat now for the half-hour launch special at Humanitix. The launch will be live streamed from Griffith University and available later for download. The event is promoted by the Sustainable Continue Reading →

Cancellation of order

Geoff Ebbs /22 January, 2020

Your order was cancelled or unfinished. If that was unintentional please return to the purchasing page.

Thanks for your order

Geoff Ebbs /22 January, 2020

Your order has been processed and will be delivered by Australia Post StarTrack service. You will receive postage information once it is packed and delivered to the system. Warm regards, YLYP staff.