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Rupert gets a Papal Knighthood

Breaking the media model

Geoff Ebbs /20 June, 2020

The demise of regional newspapers in Australia is the latest reminder that the business model of media has been broken by the Internet. Funneling tax-payer dollars from the ABC into regional print may not be the most intelligent response, however. There is a widely held and often expressed assumption that independent journalism has flourished under Continue Reading →

Out with Sax-Coburg-Gotha

Geoff Ebbs /10 June, 2020

White Australians struggling with approaches to justice for First Nations people might consider Radical Republicanism, writes Geoff Ebbs.

SARS-CoV-2 as our crystal ball

Geoff Ebbs /26 March, 2020

The CoViD 19 pandemic is a window into the future and the way that we individually and communally respond is the template that we will carry forward to deal with the next challenge and the next challenge and the one after that as the global systems that support our unsustainable lifestyle fail in the face of increasingly complex challenges

Laurie Stubbs - Commonsense Human Values

Commonsense Human Values – #20

Geoff Ebbs /7 December, 2008

A series by Laurie Stubbs – first published in the Nimbin Good Times The series sets out a trial set of values based on the principle Life Develops Itself (LDI) Take anything you want from the Earth and use it, but when you have finished with it return it to the Earth in the same Continue Reading →

Sweepers awake

Sweepers awake – your brooms await

Geoff Ebbs /30 September, 2008

On occasion we Green people are portrayed as party poopers. In contrast to the wee green people who epitomise a party wherever they appear. Lepers, rather than leprechauns, perhaps. The occasions vary. The Howard government felt we spoiled their fun locking refugees in cages in the desert. Woodchipping companies feel we spoil their fun trashing Continue Reading →