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CoViD 19 as Our Crystal Ball

Geoff Ebbs /5 November, 2020

The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed Bewildered climate activists flood my feed. The essential question is ‘Why CoViD19 and not Global Heating?’ The response we have seen over the last months and weeks is the sort of response we have been waiting for since the turn of the millennium. This Continue Reading →

Interminable conversations

Geoff Ebbs /25 June, 2019

Birds do it. Bees do itEven educated fleas do itLet’s do it, Let’s fall in loveCole Porter 1928 There is no doubting the power of conversation as a communication tool. The best preachers and the biggest stadium rock bands mimic traditional call and response to engage the audience and drive home the memory if not Continue Reading →

The best and worst of recycling

Geoff Ebbs /21 June, 2019

Agricultural use of single-use-plastics dwarves domestic use, Jenny Brown of Envorinex told a crowd of forty at The Precinct in Brisbane last night. The good news is that the company which she founded and heads as managing director, is doing something about it. A manufacturer of plastic goods for industrial and infrastructure applications since 2003, Continue Reading →

Growth, or not, and a little Wisdom

Geoff Ebbs /8 June, 2019

A public discussion on the Post-Growth Future for Business held at University of Queensland generated far-reaching discussion last Friday, 7th June. Hosted by Dr Cle-Ann Gabriel, who is researching business models for sustainability, the event outlined the reasons for considering an end to growth, the challenges that poses for business and some approaches that can Continue Reading →

Dick Smith and Geoff Ebbs discuss degrowth

Geoff Ebbs /5 June, 2019

Entrepreneur and adventurer Dick Smith is no stranger to controversy. Over the years he has threatened to run against Tony Abbott, as well as starting a range of ventures that can only be described as profit for a purpose. Dick Smith foods for example was set up with the sole purpose of keeping Australian food Continue Reading →