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Managing director of Ebono Institute and major sponsor of The Generator, Geoff Ebbs, is running against Kevin Rudd in the seat of Griffith at the next Federal election. By the expression on their faces in this candid shot it looks like a pretty dull campaign. Read on


Geoff Ebbs /12 January, 2023

Lizz from Wild Mountains chats with Geoff, Dave and Issy about her 6,000km (is that 6Mm?) trek from the Border Ranges on the East Coust, to the Ningaloo Reef on the West Coast to connect communities to nature. There is a launch event at Griffith University’s EcoCentre on January 25th, and more information at #trek2reconnect Continue Reading →

Professor Pink of Monash Emerging Technology Lab

The Edge of the Future

Geoff Ebbs /7 December, 2022

Geoff Interviews Professor Sarah Pink about her latest book, Life at the Edge of the Future. The premise is that we are always at the Edge of the Future, change is uncertain, unpredictable and so we cannot examine it as we examine the past. Instead, as an anthropologist Professor Pink describes herself as being in research. She Continue Reading →

Whaling with Howard Whelan

Geoff Ebbs /2 August, 2022

Howard Whelan is an Antarctic Tour Guide and past editor of Australian Geographic. He put together this sound package with Geoff Ebbs over a number of shows.

Decoupling, degrowth and the SDGs

Geoff Ebbs /22 February, 2022

Like the Rings that rule Tolkein’s Middle Earth, the challenges of implementing the SDGs are manifold but there is one challenge that ‘binds them all’. That challenge is our addiction to economic growth. Here’s Dick Smith talking to me in 2008. There is a longer version of that interview on this site. In the longer Continue Reading →

COP26 ends up with methane agreement

Geoff Ebbs /3 November, 2021

The European Union and the United States have led a coalition of 103 countries at COP 26 in Glasgow to sign a pledge to reduce methane emissions to 70% of 2020 levels by 2030. The impact is expected to shave 0.2 degrees off the predicted temperature rise in the next decade. Methane is an extremely Continue Reading →

Witness K may have evidence of multi billion dollar mining theft

Geoff Ebbs /2 July, 2021

Speaking on ABC Radio last week, former head of the Department of Prime Minister’s legal section, Ian Cunliffe told Geraldine Doogue that both Australia and East Timor have been robbed of more than $3billion in revenue from the helium extracted in the Timor Sea.,-collaery-and-witness-k/13384906 That deal is the subject of international hearings into Australia’s Continue Reading →