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If we could only take a handful of plants with us to start life on a new planet, what would they be? Some plants provide basic food stuffs, others provide structural shelter or fibre for protection from the elements in textiles, roofing materials or other applications. A wide variety of plants have multiple purposes and are a fundamental part of the cultures where they are known.This section examines some of these plants in detail, talking to people who have worked closely with them or are experts in the field. Look through the following links to check out previous plants or tune into the Generator each week, to hear about the latest plant.New York readers can read regular contributor, Luke Hughes, in the Epoch Times each Thursday.


admin /2 July, 2009

Achillea Millefolium

YarrowOriginally a native of Europe and Western Asia, now found in Australia and New Zealand in pastures and along roadsides, or for that matter anywhere in the world where it has escaped domestic cultivation.

Yarrow is an attractive hardy perennial with small feathery green leaves by which it gets its species name millefolium or ‘a thousand leaves’. It flowers from spring through ‘till summer giving off small white and occasionally pink flowers forming a flat head, being borne of a thin stem.
According to Homer’s The Iliad the plant was employed by Chiron the Centaur to staunch the bleeding of Achilles’ heel, hence the genus name Achillea.

Chamomile – The herb of ‘humility’

admin /7 June, 2009

By Luke Hughes Listen to the interview with Luke online. Herbs have been used for centuries to assist human kind in many and varied ways.  A look at the herb, chamomile, gives a good insight into just how herbs can be as relevant to man today as they were  to the ancients in bygone eras. Continue Reading →


admin /31 May, 2009

Luke Hughes – herbalist, organic gardener and permaculturist – introduces the first of his five part series on the five compost activators, the Dandelion. Not only is it useful in the garden but Dandelion is the only known vegetable source of Vitamin D and one of the few plants that supplies vitamin B through its Continue Reading →

Hemp – Cannabis Sativa

admin /31 May, 2009

The hemp plant has been an integral part of human society for time immemorial. In the era of sail, hemp and flax fibres literally fuelled the global economy, money and bibles have traditionally been made from hemp paper, and hemp fabric is warm, resilient and soft. The plant also provides a rich source of high Continue Reading →