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Your smartphone security is a civil rights issue The smartphone you use reflects more than just personal taste ... it could determine how closely you can be tracked. Privacy expert Christopher Soghoian shows the glaring difference between the encryption used on Apple and Android devices and urges us to pay attention to a growing digital security divide. "If the only people who can protect themselves from the gaze of the government are the rich," he says, "that's a problem." http://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_soghoian_your_smartphone_is_a_civil_rights_issue

Only the rich can afford privacy says Sorghoian

Geoff Ebbs /15 November, 2016

The stark difference between Apple and Android security is the first sign of a growing digital divide where on the wealthy can afford privacy, according to Christopher Soghoian, technologist at the Amercian Civil Liberties Union. Mr Soghoian says that Apple users pay for a premium for the improved security on their devices and the gap Continue Reading →