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Share what’s spare

Geoff Ebbs /5 November, 2020

Spare Harvest is a peer to peer app that started as a solution to a mandarin problem that I had and has grown organically by word of mouth. Now people share food hydrators, mowers, cuttings, food scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells and cartons. Listen to the conversations between Geoff and Helen. Head to the SpareHarvest website Continue Reading →

Photo from Ensia.com

Biointensive farming shrinks agricultural footprint

Geoff Ebbs /30 August, 2016

Sustainability publication Ensia, this week published an account of bio-intensive farming projects that create more food per aquare metre with less energy, water and nutrients. Whereas corporate, industrialised agriculture is focused on profit and consequently minimizes labour, bio-intensive farming focuses on the minimization of external resources. As a result it is ideal for urban farming Continue Reading →