The US is flooding Syria with weapons that end up in the hands of ISIS

US to flood Syria with anti-aircraft guns

Geoff Ebbs /17 December, 2016

The US Senate last week voted to supply terrorist militias in the Middle East with anti-aircraft missiles, causing widespread concern among allies, enemies and moderate Middle-Eastern governments. The resolution is part of a $US619 billion plan for military action in the Middle East before Trump comes to power. The plan continues the strategy of opposing Continue Reading →

Sunni Conference in Chechnya

Russia hosts Sunni Muslims to undermine Saudis and USA

Geoff Ebbs /15 November, 2016

A global conference of Sunni Muslims was held in Chechnya with the blessing of Russian President Putin, to plan the isolation and undermining of Saudi Arabia and its radical Wahabi brand of Islam that spawned Al Quaeda and ISIS. At the same time, Iran, Iraq and Syria are overcoming political differences to present a united Continue Reading →