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The Cross

Religious tax-exemption protects the state

Geoff Ebbs /15 December, 2017

From Nic Forster There are good reasons why we don’t tax religions: 1. They would mostly claim charitable status anyway 2. It opens up the possibility of a government making discriminatory or punitive anti-religious policies 3. As tax-paying institutions, they would earn the right to engage in politics 4. It undermines the separation of church Continue Reading →

Render unto Caesar

Render unto Caesar

Geoff Ebbs /19 April, 2016

Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s. – Matthew 22:21 As debate around the privileged position of the christian church in Australian society slowly grinds its way into the mainstream discourse, it becomes increasingly important to clarify the fundamental issues. Those of us who believe firmly Continue Reading →

Dickens still applies

Welfare Cheats

Geoff Ebbs /31 March, 2016

Why pay billions of taxpayer dollars to christian welfare groups when they have been exposed as Criminal Gangs. Not only has the Royal Commission into Abuse Sexual identified the repeat offending of those organisations, it has shown that they closed ranks to protect their members in an organised manner, abusing their political influence to avoid Continue Reading →