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Simmonds & Bristow trainees on the job

How can we make urban water smart?

Geoff Ebbs /17 December, 2021

The next in our series of episodes about water management, is a series of interviews with David Bristow, water engineer, expert witness and owner of the water services, training and engineering firm Simmonds & Bristow. Two weeks ago Dave Whitfield interviewed Dr Aysin Dederkofut-Howes about Smart Urban Water, this week, Geoff Ebbs interviews David Bristow Continue Reading →

Dr Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes

Smart Urban Water interviews

Dave Whitfield /1 December, 2021

On today’s EcoRadio, Dave Whitfield interviewed Dr Aysin Dedkorkut-Howes about her work in Urban Water Management. Dr Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes is a Senior Lecturer of Urban and Environmental Planning at the Griffith School of Engineering and Built Environment and a member of the Cities Research Institute.Her current research focuses on climate change adaptation and urban/disaster resilience, Continue Reading →