ACTION ALERT – It’s time to protect Antarctica​’s Southern Ocean!


ACTION ALERT – It’s time to protect Antarctica​’s Southern Ocean!

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10,000 species need your help!

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As you read this leaders from 25 countries are converging on a small seaside town in Germany to decide the fate of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean – behind closed doors.

Wonder what these decision makers are up to right now? Making phone calls? Having dinner in a hotel restaurant? For sure, they are discussing whether or not to say YES to protect the last pristine ocean wilderness left on earth.

These decision makers, who are part of CCAMLR, are meeting this week in Bremerhaven to discuss two key proposals for Antarctic marine protection, one for the Ross Sea, and one for East Antarctica. Either of them would see the creation of the world’s largest marine sanctuary.

With your help, we’re going to make sure they know the world is watching their meeting. Tomorrow, Thursday 11 July, we’re going to project your Twitter messages from all points of the earth onto a wall at the meeting, calling for the protection of these waters.

Here’s how to send them your message:

1. Use the hashtag #AntarcticOcean in a tweet to decision makers calling on them to protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean.

2. Head straight to the Twitter wall website and click on the #AntarcticOcean hashtag, sign into your Twitter account and hit send.

3. Use our suggested tweets you can send from here.

Don’t have Twitter?

Email key decision makers directly through visiting our new interactive infographic here. Click on all the countries that are ‘critical to success’ and send an email calling on them to make history this year by protecting Antarctica’s ocean.

Have you seen our new video?

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 9.01.02 AM

If not click on the picture above or watch it here and share it with your friends to see the beauty that’s at stake in the Southern Ocean.

It’s time to get busy Watchers!


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Antarctic Ocean Alliance

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