Author: Marissa

Domestic violence bystander – The Residents

Marissa /1 September, 2014

‘Cripes.  Why’s that young fella gotta train so late?’ Edgar complained as he buried his grey head under the pillow. ‘His body clock’s stuffed from all that boxing,’ said Susan.  She pulled up the doona and snuggled into him.  Dull thumps punctuated Beethoven’s Ninth from the radio as they drifted off to sleep. The next Continue Reading →

Domestic violence bystander – What I did then

Marissa /1 September, 2014

I sat on the small verandah of the Stones Corner library, next to the box for returning books.  I looked out over a large courtyard fringed with trees. I started on my Spanish homework.  A young couple were sitting on a park bench opposite me.  She was pregnant and things were heated between them.  The Continue Reading →

Fly trancends a world of pain

Marissa /15 May, 2014

Director and author:  Michelle Roberts Hurtle along Padstow Road until you reach number 186, park in a convenient cul-de-sac and stroll up to ‘The House’.  You will be greeted politely at an unassuming desk and given a program of exquisite design on a sheet of A4 paper.  As the show begins, you are invited to Continue Reading →

What’s the matter with VLAD anyway?

Marissa /3 May, 2014

Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act: A case study It is 2015. Bob, Greg and Luong have been doing it tough. They have not been able to find work since the BP refinery at Bulwer Island in Pinkenba closed. On Wednesdays they hang around the public toilets in Boundary Street, West End and wait for the Continue Reading →