Author: Missmerryn

West End culture has deep roots

Missmerryn /30 September, 2013

Brendan Barclay was born and grew up in West end. After a long time away from the area, Brendan has returned home. “I moved back to settle down. It’s the best place in Brisbane. There’s a real community vibe, there are gardens on every corner. Everyone is really friendly and lovely. They like bringing everyone Continue Reading →

West End’s movie buff

Missmerryn /23 July, 2013

John Swain has been a West End resident for only 12-months and says he loves the location, restaurants and shops. “Saturday and Sunday is very busy around here. I lived near by a while ago. It’s changed quite a bit, there used to be trams, double-decker buses and steam trains. But we shouldn’t be lo Continue Reading →

West End street musicians Stunn

Missmerryn /4 July, 2013

Local Legend – Merryn McDonell reveals a hidden side of some local identities You’ve probably seen Ray, River and Oits (members of the band Stunn) jamming on Melbourne St in West End. I stopped by for a chat and discovered that the three indigenous musicians are enchanting and charming. Ray told me a little about Continue Reading →