Patients mortgaging homes to pay for life-savin​g drugs MEET THE PRESS 23Jun13 – ABSTRACT


Patients mortgaging homes to pay for life-savin​g drugs MEET THE PRESS 23Jun13 – ABSTRACT

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“… And other crucial medicines which have been approved for subsidy by an independent expert government committee are months later still waiting for cabinet to approve the funding.
Former policeman Doug Preston risked death if he waited for Cabinet to approve subsidy for his $3,500 a month prostate cancer treatment Zytiga. He had to remortgage his house to find the money.
If I hadn’t done that I would have got past the no return point, … I would be … waiting for death,” he said, explaining that he has a new lease of life since he started the drug.
Zytiga was approved for subsidy by the (PBAC) in March, July and November 2012 but the drug company was initially unhappy with the price it was being offered, delaying the subsidy approval. … “

Under an agreement the government has with the medicines industry it has six months to approve a medicine if it is approved for subsidy and a price agreement is reached with the company. … “

See full story incl. other drugs:

You might wish to email the Federal Minister for Health: and the Treasurer on Facebook @Wayne.Swan.MP re this injustice. Also, I ask you to please ask your contacts to sign this petition:

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