‘Woke’ to recycling

Geoff Ebbs /6 November, 2020

Claire Tracey is an artist who works with waste to raise awareness of the problems presented by waste and our attitudes toward it. She started using ‘found‘ plastic bottles to make large scale artworks in 2010.

Maya Krikke

Maya Krikke /6 November, 2020

Maya Krikke is the sole parent of a little boy and produces a probiotic drink called MYK’s Kefir using whole fruit.A lot of people associated kefir with milk-based products but I use water kefir grains, that consume the glucose in sugar, and then I do a secondary ferment with fruit. I also have a processed-sugar-free Continue Reading →

Pay what’s fair

Geoff Ebbs /5 November, 2020

Debra Weddall has produced over 400 videos and television segments promoting solidarity and equality for the labour movement. She is a founder member and National CoSecretary of the Rideshare Driver Network, an organisation of app based drivers in Australia. If you drive on a rideshare basis you can join the group through their facebook site.

Share what’s spare

Geoff Ebbs /5 November, 2020

Spare Harvest is a peer to peer app that started as a solution to a mandarin problem that I had and has grown organically by word of mouth. Now people share food hydrators, mowers, cuttings, food scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells and cartons. Listen to the conversations between Geoff and Helen. Head to the SpareHarvest website Continue Reading →