Climate chaos0

Troynoy in the Russian Arctic
The Russian Arctic base at Troynoy is host to starving bears missing the summer ice.

The acceleration of global warming continues with this August and July tying for the label of hottest month on record. Almost every month for the last two years has been the hottest of its season, but this year the gap is widening. 2016 is about three tenths of a degree Celsius warmer than 2015. Among the more unusual impacts of the resultant climate chaos was the besieging of five Russian scientists by ten polar bears at the Arctic observatory of Troynoy.


August ties with July as hottest month on record 

Compared to the average from 1881-1910 the global temperature for the year was 1.31˚C (2.36˚F) above the average.


Besieged Russian scientists drive away polar bears

Ship delivered dogs and flares to staff at Arctic weather station after five scientists were encircled by 10 adult bears for two weeks. A female bear had taken to spending nights beneath the station’s windows.

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