5 – Paying it forward


Use Christmas or your birthday to encourage people to gift a cause instead of you. “Hey instead of buying me another decoration to put on top of my window pelmet box, make a donation to PayTheRent.”

Vincent Lingiari accepts a handful of the Centre's red sand from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam
From little things, big things grow: Vincent Lingiari accepts a handful of the Centre’s iconic red sand from Prime Minister Gough Whitlam

In Australia, First Nation people die eight years younger, are 12 times more likely to go to prison and earn two thirds of the average Australian. This systemic racism against them is not only inhumane, it denies a thousand centuries of accumulated knowledge about living sustainably on this continent.

Pay it forward. ANTaR, PayTheRent, Reconciliation Australia and IAHA are all organisations that welcome your financial support.

Reality check

Check out the causes you want to support. Some charities do not get the money to those in need and some forms of aid result in unexpected outcomes. Voluntourism, for example, can increase costs for locals.

Look it up


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