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Out with Sax-Coburg-Gotha

Geoff Ebbs /10 June, 2020

White Australians struggling with approaches to justice for First Nations people might consider Radical Republicanism, writes Geoff Ebbs.

From Tolpuddle to Extinction – a continuum.

Debra Weddall /16 May, 2018

Before 1824 the Combination Acts had outlawed “combining” or organising to gain better working conditions. In 1824/25 these acts were repealed, so trade unions were no longer illegal. In 1833, six men from Tolpuddle in Dorset founded the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers to protest against the gradual lowering of agricultural wages. These Tolpuddle labourers Continue Reading →

A private US prison

US Feds to phase out private gaols

Geoff Ebbs /23 August, 2016

The US Department of Justice has announced it will phase out corporate operation of federal prisons after A director General’s reports revealed ongoing abuse and failures of the system. This will not affect State penitentiaries or prisons run by other federal policies. Recent reports reveal that California has built one university and 22 prisons in Continue Reading →