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Front Yard Food – [register]The Generator is proud to announce the Front Yard Food initiative. This initiative was launched in Lennox Heads by a number of landscapers, nursery’s and garden suppliers to provide materials to help people build food gardens that the community can share. Our first project was constructed by volunteers on Friday August 1, in Lennox Heads on NSW north coast. Click the picture to see more about that project.To contact us about action you may want to take in your community. Please contact Team Generator .

Rob Pekin with the food Connect Mill

Milling Native Grasses

Geoff Ebbs /23 August, 2022

Rob Pekin from the Food Connect Foundation discusses building a local stone mill to produce flour in Brisbane from local grain.

Wavy with Ginger at the Edible Exchange

Mt Tamborine Food Exchange

Geoff Ebbs /20 July, 2022

My Great Notion of the Week this week is the Mount Tamborine Edible Exchange shared by Wavy. It’s an honour system where people can bring food to the central roadside exchange and take food away. No money changes hands. They post pictures online so everyone knows what’s in the food exchange. There’s pictures and more Continue Reading →

Stronger Together – Activists chat

Geoff Ebbs /7 October, 2021

Activists from legal, communications, mutual aid and class mobilisation backgrounds met to discuss ways that they might be stronger together at a Community Day for Climate at Brisbane’s Northey Street City Farm organised by XR Meanjin.

Salisbury children plant corn after school

Go tell it to the children – angry Mum

Geoff Ebbs /8 December, 2015

A Salisbury woman was told by Brisbane City Council today that a community garden she has built with local children is to be torn down by Council. “I’m afraid I was not very polite,” Ms Pia Deerain told The Generator, “I told him not to save it for the children and hung up in his ear. Those Continue Reading →

Stop the whale slaughter (AVAAZ)

Neville /26 May, 2013

Dear friends, In days, two Icelandic ships will leave on a bloody hunt for endangered fin whales and export them to Japan — if we shine a spotlight right now on the role of a Dutch transit port, we can get them to shut down this safe harbour for slaughter and create a major stumbling Continue Reading →

Other food action projects

admin /8 June, 2009

In the future, we will be working with local councils to get food projects happening on public land, to build resources in community gardens that people can take home to grow food on their own land, and to put staple foods into people’s back yards. We will start work on these projects once we have Continue Reading →