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In the future, we will be working with local councils to get food projects happening on public land, to build resources in community gardens that people can take home to grow food on their own land, and to put staple foods into people’s back yards. We will start work on these projects once we have Front Yard Food up and running successfully.

The articles

The articles in this section are specifically about action that you can take in your community to create a robust local food supply. We are tracking a number of different approaches to getting local food happening within communities. They include:

  • Front Yard Food
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Allotments
  • Community Gardens
  • Agisting vegetables
  • Revitalising the suburbs

man grows own food

For related news items, head on over to the Sustainable Settlement news section of this site. As well as news about new farming and horticultural approaches, there are a range of articles about protests against the corporatisation of the food chain.

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