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The typical image of the Mediterranean is a blue sea with white-walled houses clinging to the rocky landscape. Every spring, after the Easter processions when the Mistral stops blowing, house-proud citizens freshen up those walls with a bucket of whitewash. The power of a simple mixture of lime, chalk and water to hide the ravages of a year’s wear and tear is so compelling it has entered the language. When a politician puts the best face on a difficult policy, we accuse them of ‘whitewashing’ the truth. The language lives and whitewash has now acquired a green tinge as companies appeal to environmentally careful consumers. Some of them claim green credentials where no green credentials exist. Culprits range from “green phones” through “eco-credit cards” to “clean, green nuclear power”. The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission has had to step in and regulate the offset of carbon dioxide emissions and provide guidelines and definitions for the term “climate neutral”. Your challenge is to develop the necessary X-ray vision to see past the greenwash to the facts underneath. A mixture of specific examples and general principles are provided here to hone your green wash detectors.

Blue SKy bottle

Bluesky greenwashes 7 million bottles

Geoff Ebbs /1 December, 2021

Local drink manufacturer, Blue Sky Beverages, will launch a campaign at midday tomorrow claiming to replace single use plastic bottles with 3D printed, aluminium ones. BlueSky founder, Matt Isles, said the facility is designed to print seven million bottles each year.Where the press release refers to 3D printed bottles it actually means the label is Continue Reading →

Greenwash exposed by YesMen at COP26

Geoff Ebbs /10 November, 2021

Two official COP26 “Net Zero” programs were exposed as harbouring large elements of greenwash this week by New York based ‘YesMen” and UK-based Glasgow Calls Out Polluters (GCOP). The official “Race to Zero” and “Science based Targets” initiatives have been criticised by many academics and environmentalists including Greta Thunberg who tweeted that “net-zero targets [are] Continue Reading →

Sebastian Waelti of the Swiss National Bank

IPCC denies the option of degrowth

Geoff Ebbs /21 July, 2021

Writing in this week’s Pearls and Irritations, Peter Sainsbury points out that the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projections regarding climate change assume continual economic growth as fundamental to their projection. Their modelling offsets this with unprecedented technical change, such as green hydrogen and green steel and new, negative emissions technologies. Europe’s Continue Reading →

Fossil fools start leaking cash

Geoff Ebbs /8 December, 2015

There is a room at the Parliament House where disaffected ex-ministers meet. Other Parliamentarians refer to it as the Monkey Pod. Chief monkey was once famous for three word slogans. It was thought quite impressive that a monkey could string three words together convincingly enough to cause humans to repeat and discuss them as a Continue Reading →

‘Middle ground’ of sea-level change: ‘Intra-seasonal’ variability impacts forecasting and ecosystems

admin /28 November, 2012

‘Middle ground’ of sea-level change: ‘Intra-seasonal’ variability impacts forecasting and ecosystems Posted: 27 Nov 2012 08:13 AM PST The effects of storm surge and sea-level rise have become topics of everyday conversation in the days and weeks following Hurricane Sandy’s catastrophic landfall along the mid-Atlantic coast. Researchers are throwing light on another, less-familiar component of Continue Reading →