Greenwash exposed by YesMen at COP26

A poster for a documentary about the Yes Men

Two official COP26 “Net Zero” programs were exposed as harbouring large elements of greenwash this week by New York based ‘YesMen” and UK-based Glasgow Calls Out Polluters (GCOP).

The official “Race to Zero” and “Science based Targets” initiatives have been criticised by many academics and environmentalists including Greta Thunberg who tweeted that “net-zero targets [are] being used as excuses to postpone real action.”

The details of this week’s expose concerns an airline services company, Yasava, who claims to facilitate net-zero flight technology. The real company was falsely included in the official program as a prank by the Yes Men. Other members of these official UN initiatives include major polluters Maersk, Chevron, Halliburton, Delta, United, American, DL Piper, Edelman, JP Morgan, Hitachi, Iberdrola and Unilever.

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