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admin /1 September, 2009

Repco Rally    BIT LATE FOR 7.30 report/ but protest as shown below anyway

The anti-Repco Rally protesters of the north coast are looking for your support. This weekend the Repco Car Rally is going to pass through national parks and the internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot of the Green Cauldron in North Eastern NSW.  Noisy, polluting, environmentally damaging cars are going to tear along the roads of some of the most beautiful parts of this state, containing endangered and vulnerable species,  during breeding time for many animals. As well as the cars there will be spectators and their vehicles, helicopters, media and extra police in the area.

Germans control street lights with phones

admin /28 June, 2009

Residents of a village near Hanover, Germany, can switch on the streetlights as they need them using a mobile phone application. The project is designed to minimise electricity use without compromising the safety and convenience of the good burghers of DoerenTrup. The scheme has been piloted on several streets over the last year and was Continue Reading →