Special Legislation, enacted by the NSW Government to allow the Rally to go ahead, is foisting the car rally on the Tweed and Kyogle shires of northern NSW and a  further four more rallies are to be held, biennially, until 2017. The legislation gives sweeping powers to Ian Macdonald, Special Minister of State.

The Rally legislation tramples on the wishes of a large portion of the local community and overrides all the usual protections of the individual and the environment by ‘switching off’ the National Parks and Wildlife Act, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, the Threatened Species Conservation Act, the Forestry Act, the Water Management Act, the Fisheries Management Act and the Local Government Act.

The 7.30 Report will be airing a story tonight Tues 1 September (or tomorrow night) about the Rally. We are asking people to leave comments on the 7.30 Report website to convey the Statewide displeasure for this abominable dinosaur event.

This is not just a north coast issue – it is an issue of our democratic rights being swept aside to enable an event by a private, profit-making company. .  Watch the 7.30 Report story and then post a comment.

Write to the letters pages of the newspapers.  Make your displeasure felt!

Please distribute this to all your networks.

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