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The crisis faced by the planet now is the result of three centuries of rapidly increased consumption, based on a mechanistic, industrial view of life and nature. We have become tuned to the latest, well-turned gadget. Many gadgets are little more than cute ideas designed to get you to part with your money. Others, though, are genuine innovations. Some of them implement brand new technology, others are simply new uses or applications of well established technology. The gadget section on The Generator, is often put together by Big Mal, electrician, solar pioneer and businessman in Mullumbimby. From the indulgent instantly cooled beer can to the poverty battling Freeplay radio, every week’s segment is identified by this catchy little intro. The articles here clearly identify why we decided to present a particular gadget.


New Cool blue pigment discovered in Oregon

Geoff Ebbs /2 August, 2016

Scientists in Oregon have discovered a “cool” blue paint that is non-toxic and remarkably stable even at high temperatures. The University has partnered with Ohio-based pigment manufacturer, Shepherd Color to commercialise the product. It will be some years before the product is tested by Toxic substances regulators and is available as a commercial pigment to Continue Reading →

Portable solar for African villages

admin /12 July, 2009

Solartech International from Luxembourg has released a Portable Solar panel designed for use in sub saharan Africa, which it claims can free villagers from the tyranny of darkness or reliance on dirty and increasingly expensive kerosene. The unit is the size of a shipping container and will power a village of 1,500 inhabitants. The unit Continue Reading →

Hot tub Technology

admin /26 June, 2009

[Ed warning] Treat this item with caution, may not be as good as claimed.

New research suggests the simple immersion heater could be key to a renewable electricity solution

Rubber ducky

Send in the tanks … ‘ripple control’ of water heating can smooth off peaks in power demand. Photograph: Getty

Forget expensive high-tech silver bullets such as nuclear fusion and carbon capture and storage; the solution to climate change lies in the humble electric immersion heater that sits in the hot water tank under your stairs. That’s the view of Dr Mark Barrett, senior researcher at the UCL Energy Institute, who will present his analysis at a meeting in the House of Commonson 18 June .

A tank with an immersion heater may be just an oversized kettle, but there are thought to be around 19m in Britain’s homes, which collectively have the ­capacity to store huge amounts of energy as hot water. And this could be key to achieving an almost wholly renewable electricity supply.

Bakuma Bamboo saws

admin /22 March, 2009

These high quality Japanese saws are useful in the garden and work shop alike. Made from highest quality steel using traditional Japanese techniques these tools are designed to last, and stay sharp, for an incredibly long time. Imported into Australia and available through Stokes Bay Electrical, The Generator has arranged for them to be made Continue Reading →

Lifeline radio benefits poor twice

admin /27 April, 2008

The Lifeline radio is the first radio ever created for the humanitarian sector.

The Lifeline is a self-powered radio designed specifically for children living on their own, distance education or other humanitarian projects. Robustly constructed to operate in the harshest of conditions and climates, the Lifeline radio is rugged, colourful, easy to use and carry, receives excellent AM/FM/SW and plays for many hours non-stop on wind-up energy or solar power. It is available to aid and donor agencies for bona fide humanitarian initiatives.