Lifeline radio benefits poor twice


Research and development of the Lifeline radio has been fully funded thanks to the following donors generosity:

Anglo American Corporation
Ashden Awards for Renewable Energy
Mr Bradley Feld
Mr Leonard J Fassler
NASDAQ Stock Exchange (Tech Museum of Innovation Awards)
The Body Shop Foundation
Donna Kabe-Stear and Davis Stear
Vodafone Group Foundation UK

Features and benefits

The antenna is an ordinary piece of wire which can be easily replaced. As many antennas break easily, this one can be removed and replaced at will.

The rainbow-shaped dial scale has large print for easy reading, even for the visually impaired. Each band is colour coded for everyone to understand.

The dial scale and Lifeline radio can be custom produced in any combinations of colours and should not reflect political parties.

Four-band coverage, AM/FM/SW1/SW2, ensures access to many channels and perspectives.

Each knob is purposefully designed a different shape.

The sound quality is excellent, enabling groups of up to 40 people to hear ?clearly.

The winding handle (on the back) can be turned in either direction to charge the radio. Fully charged, the Lifeline can play for up to 24 hours.

The solar panel is housed in a detachable waterproof casing on a 2.5-metre lead with magnetised clips on top to hold it in place. The Lifeline radio operates in extreme temperatures, rain, moisture, dust, sand and humidity.

A child can grip the handle without difficulty. While the Lifeline radio is larger and lighter than the Freeplay radios used in other development projects, its unusual shape enables children to carry it easily.

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