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Geoff and Erich in the Cage

Geoff Ebbs /4 February, 2021

Author of Your Life Your Planet, Geoff Ebbs, puts doctor and electric car owner, Erich Schulz, in the Cage for 26 minutes to get a handle on the role of electric cars in building a sustainable future. This quick snippet shows Erich discussing the role of technological innovation in inspiring people to be sustainable. It Continue Reading →

Electric car sales globally

Renewable revolution driven by China’s electric car

admin /13 September, 2016

The rapid take up of renewable energy has been boosted by Chinese government subsidies for electric cars, rapidly boosting their world ranking to the number one producer. Over half a million electric cars were produced worldwide last year, 200 thousand of them in China. The Chinese government believes the car is the key to a Continue Reading →

Taisei plant Japan

Electric car without batteries trialed in Japan

Geoff Ebbs /23 August, 2016

Japanese car manufacturer Taisei, this week demonstrated an electric car without batteries running on an electrified road. The proof-of-concept car was developed with Toyohshi University and traveled only a hundred metres at 10 kilometres per hour on a specially prepared road. A spokesperson for Taisei Corp said that the production version will come with batteries Continue Reading →