Renewable revolution driven by China’s electric car

Electric car sales globally
China now leads the US and EU in electric car production

The rapid take up of renewable energy has been boosted by Chinese government subsidies for electric cars, rapidly boosting their world ranking to the number one producer.

Over half a million electric cars were produced worldwide last year, 200 thousand of them in China. The Chinese government believes the car is the key to a renewable led economy with charging stations and domestic batteries the facilitating technologies that will engender long term change.

Tesla has pre-sold over 400,000 of its 2017 model 3, but China has more than doubled its production for each of the last three years.

China Plans To Boost Electric Vehicle Sales 10-Fold

While Tesla racks up a record-setting 400,000 presales for its affordable Model 3 due out next year, the world’s leading EV maker, China’s BYD, has already sold more EVs than Tesla, GM, and Nissan combined!

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