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CoViD 19 as Our Crystal Ball

Geoff Ebbs /5 November, 2020

The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed Bewildered climate activists flood my feed. The essential question is ‘Why CoViD19 and not Global Heating?’ The response we have seen over the last months and weeks is the sort of response we have been waiting for since the turn of the millennium. This Continue Reading →

Growth, or not, and a little Wisdom

Geoff Ebbs /8 June, 2019

A public discussion on the Post-Growth Future for Business held at University of Queensland generated far-reaching discussion last Friday, 7th June. Hosted by Dr Cle-Ann Gabriel, who is researching business models for sustainability, the event outlined the reasons for considering an end to growth, the challenges that poses for business and some approaches that can Continue Reading →

Discussion thrives at Griffith Circular Economy event

Geoff Ebbs /30 May, 2019

Over fifty delegates kicked off a lively discussion about the role of the Circular Economy for small business at Griffith University, Southbank, yesterday, Thursday, 30th May. The Queensland Small Business Week Event #QSBW had businesses grilling government, academics and practitioners about tools to implement the strategies discussed, government support for innovation and long term impacts Continue Reading →

Thriving in a low growth economy: Say what?

Geoff Ebbs /26 May, 2019

Wages growth, inflation, interest rates and unemployment are at all-time lows. Traditional economic models are not working. How can small business thrive in a low-growth economy? Many small business owners find it unhelpful to engage with macro-economic policy. It seems largely irrelevant to our frame of operation. Throughout the rise and fall of empire, fashions Continue Reading →

The Small Business advantage

Geoff Ebbs /21 May, 2019

Globalisation, online competition, energy prices, low economic growth: we are all aware of the challenges. Small business has a natural advantage, however. We are embedded in our community and have the opportunity to build and reinforce our networks of stake holders. Great Notion, Griffith University and the Circular Economy Labs have put together a networking Continue Reading →