Author: Malcom

Total Recall – the truth about recall insurance

Malcom /3 September, 2014

Recently I read an article in one of my electrical trade magazines and was shocked by a new trend developing called Recall Insurance. It seems tradesmen are now responsible for the dodgy products available on the market. I accept the logic. If I purchase products online from overseas and they are not approved for the Continue Reading →

The death of quality

Malcom /26 July, 2014

I received a text message from a prospective client the other day— it’s how its done these days my daughter tells me — needing an electrician. It read, “we need an electrician, how much do you charge?” There was no enquiry about my experience, licensing or insurance just the bald question on price. As a Continue Reading →

Dangerous lighting

Malcom /1 May, 2014

Did you know some downlights can cause fires? They can set fire to roof installation or timbers which burn in the roof space above fire alarms and so remain undetected until too late. Often people only know their house is on fire when flaming material comes through the air vents or the ceiling collapses. It Continue Reading →