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United Nations News Centre

Neville /28 May, 2021

As climate change debate heats up, UN experts warn ‘we are running out of time’ By absorbing much of the added heat trapped by atmospheric greenhouse gases, the oceans are delaying some of the impacts of climate change. Photo: WMO/Olga Khoroshunova 9 September 2014 – The United Nations weather agency today voiced concerns over the Continue Reading →

NEVILLE, can you host an Election GetTogether?

Neville /29 February, 2016

1 of 47 NEVILLE, can you host an Election GetTogether? Inbox x Emma – GetUp! 6:22 PM (4 minutes ago) to me   Over the years, you’ve been one of GetUp’s most committed members — thank you. That’s why we wanted you, NEVILLE, to be the first to know about this opportunity to host an Continue Reading →

Breathing Dangerous Coal Dust

Neville /24 February, 2016

1 of 24 Breathing Dangerous Coal Dust Inbox x George, Lock the Gate Alliance <> Unsubscribe 9:39 AM (18 minutes ago) to me Dear Neville, Over the weekend, Lock the Gate exposed the terrible cruelty of a key NSW mining policy and how it was made to benefit coal companies, at the expense of people’s Continue Reading →

Personal Consumption Expenditure – International Comparison

Neville /24 February, 2016

World Salaries   >   International Average Salary Income Comparison   >   Consumption Expenditure search Personal Consumption Expenditure – International Comparison Methodology:   The annual consumption expenditure per capita is obtained from household budget surveys (such as the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey, the Netherlands Family Income and Expenditure Survey, the Swedish Household Budget Survey, etc) Continue Reading →

If they’re re-elected…

Neville /23 February, 2016

More 1 of 8 If they’re re-elected… Inbox x Bill Shorten Unsubscribe 11:41 AM (3 hours ago) to me Neville, University O-Weeks are happening all around the country this week. After visiting ANU yesterday, I know most students want to be thinking about getting back into class and enjoying being back on campus. For students Continue Reading →

A ban on animal testing for cosmetics

Neville /23 February, 2016

A ban on animal testing for cosmetics Inbox x Clare & Stephen Unsubscribe 12:04 PM (1 hour ago) to me   Neville, You and I both know that looking after the welfare of animals is just the right thing to do. That’s why I wanted to tell you that this week we announced that Labor Continue Reading →