NEVILLE, can you host an Election GetTogether?

29 February, 2016 General news0
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NEVILLE, can you host an Election GetTogether?


Emma – GetUp!

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Over the years, you’ve been one of GetUp’s most committed members — thank you. That’s why we wanted you, NEVILLE, to be the first to know about this opportunity to host an Election GetTogether. It’d be a privilege to have you on board!


Election fever is building, and we’re firing up!

In this year’s Election Vision Survey, GetUp members were clear: our government should be doing more to protect our environment; and it should be doing more to build a fairer economy. So let’s push them for it!

This election race is a huge opportunity for our community to put these issues on the agenda, and get commitments from our MPs and candidates.

With an early July election looking more likely by the minute, and Labor and the Coalition neck-and-neck on a two-party preferred basis — both parties will be tripping over each other to win voters this election.

If we can harness it, this is the perfect moment for our nimble, issue-focused movement to push for change!

Here’s how. Over the Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March weekend, our movement will come together for the biggest election planning effort GetUp’s ever had.

In lounge rooms, backyards, cafes and favourite local places, GetUp members will host and attend Election GetTogethers across Australia. If you’ve never heard of them before, GetTogethers are small gatherings of local members and friends where we go through GetUp’s election plan and brainstorm how we could work together to have the biggest impact.

As one of GetUp’s most committed members, can you be one of the first to put up your hand to host a GetTogether for other local members and friends to attend?

You can invite friends, family, colleagues, anyone you like. And in the coming weeks, GetUp will email members living locally and ask them to RSVP too.

What: Host an Election GetTogether
When: Anytime you like, Saturday 19 March – Sunday 20 March
Where: Your lounge room, backyard, local cafe, or community space
Who: Your friends and family, and other local GetUp members
Host: Click here to host your GetTogether

You don’t need any special skills or experience to host a GetTogether, you just need to click on the link to register your GetTogether, read through the Host Guide provided, and follow the agenda on the day.

GetUp will then use the ideas your group comes up with to put together exciting local opportunities and an election action plan for your electorate.

But there won’t be any GetTogethers unless dedicated members like you put up your hand. Can you host a local Election GetTogether?

We’ll give you all the information you need for a great event — including a detailed agenda, helpful reminders, and even a teleconference training to answer your questions.

Election GetTogethers are a foundational step in GetUp’s 2016 election plan. It’s how we build our power as a movement — by stepping up, getting to know one another and working together locally for national change.

Can’t wait to see you on the map!
Emma, for the GetUp team

PS. Can’t host a GetTogether but keen to join in? No worries. The first step is getting enough hosts on the board, but expect an email in the next week or so asking you to RSVP to your nearest event.

PPS. Once you’ve signed up to host your local Election GetTogether, you can then invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you. Click on the link to register your GetTogether:

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