Giovanni nailed recycling failure

When Ipswich Council in Queensland stopped its recycling program early in 2018 because China stopped accepting our rubbish many citizens began to wake up to the reality that much of our recycling is just rubbish anyway. That was the title of a much republished article by Giovanni Ebono in the 2007 book Sydney’s Guide to Saving the Planet, published by the Sydney Morning Herald in November of that year. The orignal article is available on The Generator.

The sentiment has recently been re-expressed by BuzzFeed in a video released two months ago that has just clicked over the one million views. It has also been written about at some length in The Guardian.

The statistics are worse now than they were in 2007 when The Generator first put it out there but the original sentiments remain as valid as ever. Waste is big business and feeding the beast is not really saving the planet. Reread the original.

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