Warming worsens as world wanders into Marrakech

15 November, 2016 Climate chaos0
COP22 in Marrakech
COP22 in Marrakech tries to enact Paris in a hostile climate

One year after Paris, the annual Conference of Partners (COP22) is being held in Marrakech with nations meeting to hammer out a series of protocols designed to limit dangerous climate chaos.

With the lowest ever coverage of Arctic Sea Ice in the recent northern summer, polar temperatures overpowering the La Nina in the South Pacific and temperature records being broken all around the world, many commentators have called on people to shift gear away from trying to prevent climate chaos and start planning how to survive it.

Speakers at Marrakech conference have criticised this approach as well as the denial of world leaders trying to prop up unstable economies.

Scientists have warned that without drastic and concerted action by governments temperatures will rise between five and eight degrees Celsius.


The Arctic ice pack is packing in 

Arctic sea ice regrowth this winter is truly horrible, with 13 metre waves breaking up what thin fragile ice remains. We are heading to zero sea ice. With two must-see videos.



The Paris Deal Dooms the Planet to Climate Change Chaos

Environmental organizations and activists continue to slam the agreement for doing too little too late and dooming the world to climate chaos, here are five things you should know about the COP21 climate deal.


Harsh Criticism of False Climate Solutions 

The world’s largest social movement blasted world leaders Monday for promoting “false solutions” to the global environmental crisis and disguising ongoing crimes against humanity as a commitment to climate action as the COP22 world climate meeting kicked off in Marrakech, Morocco, on the heels of last year’s Paris summit.




Game Over? Warming Is Still Underestimated

Researchers say “business as usual” could actually put planet on track for 4.78°C to 7.36°C rise by 2100. Because the climate has “substantially higher sensitivity” to greenhouse gases during warm phases, within the 21st century, global mean temperatures will very likely exceed maximum levels for the last 784,000 years.



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