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Minister Keith Pitt in parliament

Pitt urges coal giants to attack super funds

Geoff Ebbs /6 July, 2021

A submission to the Parliamentary Enquiry into the funding of fossil fuel exports shows that one trillion dollars, or 37% of Australian’s superannuation funds, is managed by members of the Responsible Investment Association of Australia, the RIAA, and so is unavailable for investment in fossil fuels, logging and other environmentally harmful activities. The RIAA submission Continue Reading →

Ross Garnaut in the Cage

Ross Garnaut defends RESET in the Cage

Geoff Ebbs /23 April, 2021

The Generator’s Geoff Ebbs puts Professor Ross Garnaut in the Cage to discuss his new book RESET. A blueprint for a green, socially just future for Australia. Professor Garnaut, outlines the technology solutions he highlighted in his previous book Superpower, noting that the government’s current technology roadmap largely follows his lead. He discusses the value Continue Reading →

Evil, evil lawn

Sweepers arise – your brooms await

Geoff Ebbs /15 August, 2016

On occasion conservationists are portrayed as party poopers. Green wowsers, in contrast to the wee green people who epitomise a party wherever they appear; lepers rather than leprechauns, perhaps. The occasions vary. The Howard government felt we spoiled their fun locking refugees in cages in the desert. Woodchipping and land clearing companies feel we spoil Continue Reading →

Magaciies of the present and future

BrExit and the City

Geoff Ebbs /27 June, 2016

London is an island in the British Isles, celebrating Brexit with gin, tonic and champagne, while Scotland and Ireland plan to Leave the United Kingdon to Remain in Europe. The working class that feed London are in revolt. Others have predicted (a decade ago) the fall of the nation-state and the rise of the city state to Continue Reading →

Fossil fools start leaking cash

Geoff Ebbs /8 December, 2015

There is a room at the Parliament House where disaffected ex-ministers meet. Other Parliamentarians refer to it as the Monkey Pod. Chief monkey was once famous for three word slogans. It was thought quite impressive that a monkey could string three words together convincingly enough to cause humans to repeat and discuss them as a Continue Reading →