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Rupert gets a Papal Knighthood

Breaking the media model

Geoff Ebbs /20 June, 2020

The demise of regional newspapers in Australia is the latest reminder that the business model of media has been broken by the Internet. Funneling tax-payer dollars from the ABC into regional print may not be the most intelligent response, however. There is a widely held and often expressed assumption that independent journalism has flourished under Continue Reading →

SARS-CoV-2 as our crystal ball

Geoff Ebbs /26 March, 2020

The CoViD 19 pandemic is a window into the future and the way that we individually and communally respond is the template that we will carry forward to deal with the next challenge and the next challenge and the one after that as the global systems that support our unsustainable lifestyle fail in the face of increasingly complex challenges

Mercer's Cambridge Analytica knew exactly what it was doing with Brexit

Brexit was the practice run for Trump

Geoff Ebbs /6 March, 2018

… and Trump is the practice run for taking over the US establishment. As reported here a little over a year ago, Robert Mercer has been building a media empire specifically designed to consolidate power. His empire was initially built on his work in artificial intelligence and natural languages that brought him in contact with Continue Reading →

A dollar from the United States of Africa (in the cage)

Who are the one per crore?

Geoff Ebbs /4 October, 2016

The planet is not dying it is being killed and the people killing it have names and addresses, said singer activist and well known wobbly, Utah Phillips. If we know the names and addresses of the 700 people who control the wealth and armies of the planet, then we might be able to adjust their behaviour. Continue Reading →


New Cool blue pigment discovered in Oregon

Geoff Ebbs /2 August, 2016

Scientists in Oregon have discovered a “cool” blue paint that is non-toxic and remarkably stable even at high temperatures. The University has partnered with Ohio-based pigment manufacturer, Shepherd Color to commercialise the product. It will be some years before the product is tested by Toxic substances regulators and is available as a commercial pigment to Continue Reading →