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Industry and activists demand bipartisan energy policy

Geoff Ebbs /14 February, 2017

Energy producers and consumers including the Aluminium Council of Australia and the Cement Industry Federation have jointly written an open letter demanding stable, long-term, non-partisan energy policy. Head of the Aluminium Council, Bruce Cox, said that the industry is not concerned how energy is produced, only that it is reliable. “The aluminium industry in Tasmania Continue Reading →

The Desert Sunshine Solar Farm produces 550MW of power from 900 hectares of solar panels

LA shift to 100% renewables sparks community generation

Geoff Ebbs /22 December, 2016

News that the City government of LA is totally powered by renewables follows rapidly declining costs of solar electricity and advances in community owned generation models. A conference held earlier this month identified major opportunities for community based power generators using renewable energy. Reporting on the conference in South Wind, energy writer Peter Boyer wrote Continue Reading →

Electric car sales globally

Renewable revolution driven by China’s electric car

admin /13 September, 2016

The rapid take up of renewable energy has been boosted by Chinese government subsidies for electric cars, rapidly boosting their world ranking to the number one producer. Over half a million electric cars were produced worldwide last year, 200 thousand of them in China. The Chinese government believes the car is the key to a Continue Reading →