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Micah Projects will hold its 10th annual Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on 6th September.mmdd1

It is an event that lets those who are affected by isolation and loneliness to enjoy a few hours of excitement and feel a sense of belonging — being part of something big and important while having a lot of fun.

Inclusion is the main focus of the Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance.

The popularity of this event has grown so much over the years that recently the event had to be moved to the Plaza Ballroom at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Last year the event had 840 attendees and they expect even more this year.

At Micah Projects’ office in West End last week The Westender met with Resident Support Program Team Leader Mal Causer to tell us more about the Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance.

We were also invited to Campbell’s Club, where a lot of the preparation for the event is already happening.

Mal Causer told The Westender that living at a hostel can often be difficult and exclusionary due to the circumstances. As a society we still treat each other differently and judge each other on how we act and behave, without making the effort to know why someone acts a certain way.

“The really important thing is to treat everybody as if they are as smart as you, because they are,” Mal Causer said.

Campbell’s Club is a meeting place for those living at different hostels to have the opportunity to meet up and have a good time together.

Socialising is very important to those living at the different hostels, and if they move to another hostel, they often risk losing contact with their friends Mal Causer added.

“They come to Campbell’s Club — they love it and they are always welcomed,” she said.

“They have a strong sense of belonging when they are there.”

At the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Wollongabba, on top of a hill, you will find Campbell’s Club nestled in a corner. A place where they are cared for by Micah Projects’ staff and volunteers while they socialise and have a great time together.

Leading up to the event there is already a lot of excitement at the club.

Not only will they talk about it for months after they have been there, but also the weeks before the event will happen — remembering how fun they had last year at Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance.

When The Westender visited it was already the main topic of the day. It was then it became obvious how important this event is, as you could hear the excitement in their voices when you asked them if they were going and see how their faces lit up with joy talking about it.

“Hi I’m Burty,” he said, just a few minutes after we had arrived at the club. When asked, he said he was looking forward to this year’s Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance.

Nathan & David at Moonlight Magic Dinner dance 2012
Nathan & David at Moonlight Magic Dinner dance 2012

While I was standing there with Burty, David came up to us and introduced himself. He said he has been given the task to MC the night again — last year he did it with Nathan.

“You will be in for a good time,” David said.

Nathan said that people come from everywhere just to attend Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance. That is how popular this annual event is.

“This year I will have a good time,” Nathan said.

The most popular part of the evening is the dance. Within seconds the dance floor is full of eager participants wanting to have a good time together.

Colleen Stevenson told The Westender she had been there a few times and was looking forward to attend this year’s Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance.

“You feel like a princess going in there,” Colleen Stevenson said.

“No matter what disability they have, everybody is accepted — people love it”

To find out more about this year’s Moonlight Magic Dinner Dance you can visit Micah Projects and download their e-invite [pdf].

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