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The question of indigenous rights and Australian heritage is one that may never be answered wholly or to the satisfaction of all who call Australia home; however there are many people and organisations, such as the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy, striving to achieve a more harmonious understanding of the first nation’s people.

The Aboriginal Sovereign Embassies or tent embassies have been set up in different cities across Australia as an organisation for the first nation’s people to gather and discuss community issues.

Tiga Bayles, a radio talk show host for 98.9 FM and General Manager for the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association, has identified the need for communication between white Australians and the first nation’s people.

“The tent embassy is a primary vehicle for this, not just for our mob; it is for everybody who calls this place home.”

“Too many white Australians live and die in this country without ever engaging with the First Nation’s people. The tent embassy provides an opportunity for the white Australians to talk and communicate with the First Nation’s people.”

Sariah Jambers, a non-indigenous supporter of the Sovereign Uni,on speaks of the tent embassies aims;

“I think it is very important that non-indigenous Australians attend these events. Many “white” people are uninformed about issues facing Aboriginal people. They will stay ignorant unless they find out for themselves because currently it is not an issue that the mainstream media wants to delve into.”

“Before joining the embassy I found it hard to relate to Aboriginal people. As if we were foreigners. Attending these events, learning about Sovereignty, and connecting with people who are serious about Aboriginal self-determination at the grass roots level, we can start to build a bridge to mend our fractured Australian identity.”

To get involved, add the Brisbane Aboriginal- Sovereign Embassy on Facebook to keep up to date with events or go to http://nationalunitygovernment.org/ to find out more information.

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