Abbott: fanning the flames


Abbott: fanning the flames

Iain Keith –
2:06 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Dear friends across Australia,

As NSW burns, PM Abbott is working to kill the carbon price, our best tool to fix climate change and prevent more deadly fires in the future. The new ALP team can help stop Abbott’s plans, but they’re not convinced climate change is an issue that’s worth fighting for — let’s show the ALP that public opinion is desperate for climate leadership! Sign now:

Australian homes are burning again, but with Tony Abbott and his coal cronies working to kill the carbon price, our best tool to fix climate change and prevent more deadly fires in the future is on the rocks. It’s up to us to extinguish their plans.

While the PM volunteers to help the emergency services, his relentless assault on the carbon price locks our brave firefighters into a future where fires are more ferocious and frequent. The new ALP team can help stop Abbott’s plans, but they’re not convinced climate change is an issue worth fighting for now they’re in opposition. A massive outcry across Australia right now can show the ALP that public opinion is desperate for climate leadership and saving the carbon price is a fire fight worth having.

New leader Bill Shorten is deciding their opposition playbook right now — let’s show him the roar of public opinion wants the ALP to do everything they can to save the carbon price and protect a cooler future for Australia! Sign now then forward this email to everyone — when we reach 100,000 signers a group of firefighters will deliver our petition to ALP headquarters:

New South Wales is in a state of emergency and yesterday was the most dangerous day for bushfires in years. While some fires have now been downgraded, experienced fire fighters are urging everyone not to be complacent, because they know when we have fires this early in October, the situation all summer will be extremely dangerous.

Weeks ago the world’s leading scientists confirmed that humans are causing climate change and it’s going to get much worse without urgent action. It’s bad news for Australia which is only going to get hotter, drier, and more prone to bushfires. Tony Abbott is one of the few people in the world that disagrees with the overwhelming scientific consensus. But right now, the decision on whether or not to repeal the carbon price rests with the new ALP team, who are questioning whether or not to support the policy they introduced. If they give in, the carbon price will be dropped without protest in the senate.

Let’s raise our voices now before Australia’s best climate chance is extinguished. Sign now so the Labor Party knows that they do have the public backing to support the carbon price in the senate:

Australia is at high risk of climate catastrophe: our coasts, farms, cities, could all change drastically and in only decades! Climate change is the biggest single threat humans face and solving it requires global coordinated action. Avaaz members joined with many others to help win Australia’s carbon price which is widely heralded as a world leading policy and has triggered other countries to follow suit. Now let’s defend it and keep alive the hope that we can extinguish the climate crisis.

With hope,

Iain, Emily, David, Alice, Ben, Richard and the whole Avaaz team


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