Acidification and Oxygen depletion in our Oceans


Acidification and Oxygen depletion in our Oceans

Scientists are warning that dead sectors will appear

in our oceans, in which no life can exist.

Many nations rely on seafoods for their existence.

Our coral reef systems will be killed off.

The many scientific reports on these issues are not

accepted by Govt’s or the media.

So what can we do about this, they will kill off all

life in future generations, unless they can be convinced

of the seriousness of the situation.

Australia’s population is at it’s peak and is becoming

unsustainable. When the Pacific Islands are swamped

we will also be swamped by Climate Refugee’s.

How, or rather if we will be able to cope, is unthinkable.

All our pollies are doing is fighting amongst themselves,

rather than address issues vital to our survival.

This is not good enough, the survival issues must be addressed.,

I would appreciate some discussion on this, as to how we can

influence Govt’s and the Media to give these matters their

undivided and urgent attention.

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