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Aldi_West_EndGiven the wide-spread concerns about the development of Montague Road, the Draft City Plan and the lack of community engagement, Westender gave Aldi the opportunity to discuss in detail its engagement with community and plans for its site, now under construction. They have provided the following.

ALDI Australia is eager to bring the ALDI difference to West End and provide local residents with our Smarter Shopping offering: a convenient in-store experience with a clearly defined product range of the highest quality products at permanently low prices. When looking to open a new store in an area, ALDI works closely with local councils, community and residential groups and other businesses to ensure the presence of the store has a positive impact on the community.

A car park will also be built on site which will provide 74 spaces.

The new ALDI store will offer rewarding career opportunities to 20 residents, both in full and part-time positions, from the local community.

One thought on “Aldi wants community engagement

  1. Duncan Lowes

    29 May, 2014


    Given that the Montague Rd/Victoria St intersection is already incredibly busy and very dangerous for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. It has the added bonus of two bus stops and a blind hill to add to the mix. I am wondering how ALDI is working with the council and the other new developments in Victoria Street to ensure that the additional car churn from 74 parking spaces plus the impact of street parking will be addressed. Is it the time for traffic lights because things are already getting very difficult for local residents

    regards Duncan

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