Are heatwaves the new normal?

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Are heatwaves the new normal?


Tim Flannery – Climate Council via

3:27 PM (14 minutes ago)

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Hi Inga

Many people are wondering if the intense heatwaves we’ve had this summer are normal, or if we’re seeing the impacts of climate change.

Our latest report, released today, finds that climate change is already making heatwaves worse. Heatwaves are hotter, longer, more frequent and occurring earlier.

In fact, hot weather in Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra has already reached levels predicted for 2030. These are just a few of the extraordinary findings of our latest report Heatwaves: Hotter, Longer, More Often, which has been heavily covered by the media today.

See the rest of the extraordinary findings here.

I want the scientific findings outlined in the report to be used to ensure Australians have the best information available to prepare for what is ahead and to take action.

So my colleagues and I have been busy getting the word out to ordinary Australians in the media today. You can see some of the coverage so far on Sunrise,, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Conversation and The Age, plus look out for us on Channel 10 & Sky News this evening and Wake Up tomorrow morning.

Help us to get this important information out by sharing the report’s findings with your networks.

Limiting further increase in heatwaves requires urgent and significant reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. This is the critical decade if we want to prevent heatwaves getting even worse.

Thanks for helping us to change the conversation and make sure it is based on best science available.

Tim Flannery
Chief Councillor

P.S The Climate Council is independent and community funded, it’s your support that makes this work possible. A huge thank you to all of our Founding Friends. You can become a Founding Friend at:


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