Australia could reach 40 degrees in Autumn

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Some useful links on Global Warming amd high Temperatures.

Australia could reach 40 degrees in Autumn

10,000 walruses gather on island as ice melts

Record breaking rainfall in Kentucky

Oceans become acidic, oxygen levels decline

Russia arrests Greenpeace activists in Arctic

Island resident seeks asylum over rising seas

Indian government in solar move

Warmest September on record in Australia

Rare storm strikes North-west US

South Africa vulnerable to climate change

Record breaking heat in Zimbabwe

IPCC: Limitations needed on fossil fuel use

IPCC: 2 degrees C could be 30 years away

IPCC: Australia’s temperatures could rise 6C

Half of coral reefs destroyed in last 30 years

Norway abandons carbon capture plans

Half a trillion tonnes of carbon

IPCC issues starkest warning yet

Obama wants carbon cap on new power plants

Arctic sea ice at sixth lowest on record

August 2013 was fourth warmest on record

‘Biblical’ Colorado floods kill four

Climate change and the crisis in Syria

A month of record heat in Denver

Wildfires and climate change

New Zealand’s warmest winter on record

Hottest 12 months on record in Australia

Unusually warm winter for Australia

Crop pests on the move

From record dry to record rain in Canada

Pacific cooling could explain warming pause

July 2013 was sixth warmest on record

14 US cities at risk from climate change

Al Gore gives optimistic interview

Another record high in South Korea

Post Sandy resilience plan unveiled

Earth in ‘overshoot’ day already for 2013

How the climate is impacting Asia’s glaciers

UN warns of 3 foot sea level rise by 2100

Phoenix breaks heat record

Europe’s trees ‘at carbon saturation point’

Dramatic Chinese floods lead to crop chaos

Record Russian floods cause mass evacuation

Experts: 95% certainty of manmade warming

2012 was warmest on record in the US

Dozens die in North Asia heat

World could be locked in severe heat wave cycle

41 degrees in Japan

Record heat wave bakes North Canada

NASA to launch CO2 satellite

Heat records fall across the world


3rd warmest summer on record in UK

Republican backs Obama on climate change

Driest July in Vancouver; wettest in Toronto

Record breaking heat in Greenland

Warmest ever July for Salt Lake City

The link between climate and conflict

Alaska breaks another heat record

Australia could be on track for warmest year on record

Hottest July on record for Shanghai

Earthquakes ‘contribute to methane release’

Italy braces for significant heat wave

Russia’s $20bn gas plan for the melting Arctic

US governor: “Millions have died from climate change”

Methane release timebomb danger

Scientists: UK winter flooding to worsen

Global warming raised sea levels 70 feet

Shanghai water fights in blazing heat

More heat records in the US

US energy infrastructure at threat

Record breaking heat in Boston

Climate change far quicker than evolution

Over 700 die in UK heat wave

2 million killed each year from air pollution

World Bank to halt most coal financing

Floods, heat waves and wildfires in the US

Rain record falls in Washington

Global warming ‘could be reversed’

Hansen: runaway global warming by 2030

Global warming is accelerating

New heat records in Canada




South-west US swelters in record heat

Obama to bypass Congress over climate change

Video: Obama sets pollution limits on power plants

Record breaking heat in Massachusetts

Another rain record smashed in Australia

Obama wants to cut power plants’ emissions


Third warmest May since records began

Indian government minister blames rains on climate change

Video: A year of extreme weather in New Zealand

Freak weather in Switzerland caused by melting Alps


Air pollution and autism link

Australia Climate Commission: phase out coal

Athens in June deluge

Indian monsoon arrives 2 weeks early

China aims to cut emissions by 30% within 4 years

Three days of record heat in Denver

Al Gore to Obama: Act fast on climate change

Over 350 homes destroyed in Colorado wildfire

Global climate talks in chaos

Factories or oceans could explain 15 year warming slowdown

NASA in dramatic warning over Arctic thaw

Texas braces for heat 20 degrees above normal

The grim reality of China’s pollution problem

IEA: Global temperatures could climb 5 degrees

Urgent international energy plan released

Report: 42% of land could be subject to flooding

Budapest ‘under water’

Northern hemisphere pollution intensified African droughts

Heat wave causes graduation drama in California

Scots miss climate change target

Hungary braces for its worst ever floods

109 degrees in Midland Texas

Mongolia eyes wind power potential

US wildfire season is 2 months longer

China coy over carbon cap

Airlines in 2020 emissions pact

UK Parliament fails in 2030 decarbonisation effort

Video: floods and drought in Bangladesh

Heavy flooding in Europe after record rain

New heat high in New Hampshire

Melbourne’s June rainfall record smashed

Bangalore breaks century old rainfall record

Historic drought grips New Mexico

Rainfall record falls in Iowa

Record rainfall in Vancouver

A great river withers in drought crisis

Is more global warming hiding in the oceans?

Over 40% of Indian adults disengaged with climate change

2015 climate agreement deadline looms

Over 500 die in severe heat wave in India

Record rainfall in Texas

Is Australia the bellwether for climate change?

China agrees to carbon limit

Climate change art exhibition opens in Beijing

Britain wants EU carbon emissions to be cut 50% by 2030

History shows dangers of rising CO2 levels

Monitoring the last ice frontier

Earth has highest CO2 levels for 4 million years

Prince Charles slams climate sceptics

Malaria to reach the UK?

California governor: Climate change causing more wildfires

Global warming to impact surfing?

Angela Merkel: Inaction on climate change ‘not an option‘

Video: Bill McKibben slams oil companies

 The ten US cities with the worst traffic

$136bn spent on disasters in 2 years by US government

Warming will cause more droughts and intense rainfall

The pros and cons of China’s energy approach

Fire season in California starts unusually strongly

UN blames melting Arctic ice on global warming

Serious drought causes water shortages in China

Water restrictions in Denver

Plants offer some protection against warming

CO2 science link to global warming is 75 years old

Investors have created a ‘carbon bubble’

Copenhagen sets carbon neutral target

UN hopeful for 2015 climate accord

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