“belittled, humiliated and demeaned”


From: Karen Skinner, Change.org
Date: Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Harassed, bullied, fired
To: nevilleg729@gmail.com

Former employees of a Queensland MP say he “belittled, humiliated and demeaned” them in a pattern of “sexist bullying”. David’s calling on Campbell Newman to dismiss him from the LNP immediately.
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They say he “belittled, humiliated and demeaned” his young female staff, forcing one to keep a record of her periods on an office calendar — then firing her when she tried to complain. But instead of being disciplined, Scott Driscoll is being held up as a role model: he’s Campbell Newman’s new MP for Redcliffe.

David Browne, a local community worker says this type of “sexist and disgusting” behaviour is unacceptable — from anyone in society, let alone someone who is held up as representing the community. That’s why he’s started a petition calling on Campbell Newman to immediately dismiss Driscoll from the LNP.

One in four women have been sexually harassed in the workplace. And the idea that the perpetrator can then be held up as the responsible, role model of society not only sends a terrible message, but can be incredibly damaging for the victims.

This week, former employees have come forward and into the media spotlight — they’re determined not to let Driscoll get away with what they said was a pattern of “harassment, bullying and sexism” when Driscoll was President of the Queensland Retail and Shopkeepers Association. Yet despite his history, Driscoll’s been appointed a government representative on the Health and Community Services Committee — a role that reviews mental health and child protection policy.

Pressure is building. The Courier Mail, Channel 10 News and other media are all reporting on the story. And after the resignation of the “scandal-ridden” Arts Minister last week — David says it’s clear Newman is eager to start turning around the LNP’s image in the electorate.

Click here to join David’s petition calling on Campbell Newman to dismiss Driscoll, and urge him to resign from parliament.

As hundreds of people join David’s campaign, he says Campbell Newman must immediately dismiss Driscoll — otherwise it’ll send a dangerous message: that sexual harassment is OK if you’re in a position of power.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Karen and the Change.org team

P.S. Sign David’s petition now — and forward this email to all your friends in Queensland.

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