BHP says “divest from us”!

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BHP says “divest from us”!

Charlie Wood – Australia <>
2:02 PM (2 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Friend,

No, that subject line wasn’t a typo. According to BHP Chairman Jac Nasser: BHP Billiton will not be investing in wind and solar… that’s just not us….so if you want us to invest in those companies, cash in your shares today.” 

Like and share our infographic if you agree this is absurd:

When it comes to climate change, BHP says it’s a “a dream company to invest in.” In fact, at last week’s AGM, Chairman Jac Nasser said: “We’ve recognised for some time that climate change is a big strategic risk…we’re not blindfolded to risks ahead of us.”

Yet, in addition to dismissing clean energy, BHP is the third largest coal miner in the world and among the top twenty greenhouse gas emitters globally, its climate policy is six years old and it recently withdrew its support for Australia’s carbon price. To top it off, BHP recently rejected Shell Executive turned climate advocate Ian Dunlop’s bid to join their board and help them chart a path out of climate catastrophe.

A “dream company”…..prepared for climate risks? In your dreams!

It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that climate change dominated BHP’s AGM last week nor that a senior BHP advisor recently criticized their stance on climate change.

Yet most of us are investing in this climate dinosaur through our superannuation.

Australian super funds invest a massive US$20 billion in BHP. This means that they – and most importantly you – can play a huge role in getting BHP to divest from its fossil fuel investments and stop fuelling the climate fire.

Tell your super fund how you feel about your retirement nest-egg sitting in a climate dinosaur. 

And know that you have the weight of authority on your side. As BHP dismisses renewables, Australian renewables are already cheaper than new coal and gas. As BHP fossicks for more fossil fuels, institutions like Goldman Sachs, the International Energy Agency, HSBC, Citi, Bernstein and the IMF point to their risks.

As the managers of your retirement savings, super funds should be investing in companies that care about our future not companies that are trashing it.

Stand up to BHP’s climate inaction – enlist your super fund today.

Yours for a clean energy future,

Charlie, Blair, Aaron, Simon, Josh on behalf of 350 Australia is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email alerts. You can help power our work by getting involved locally, sharing your story, and donating here. To change your email

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