BitCoin settles in West End

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Bitcoin imageBitcoin is promising to be the alternative payment method for retail shopping and online web sites.  Used the World over, Bitcoin is gaining momentum, acceptance and the attention of government regulators.

Bitcoin suffers from technical complexity but the savings are enormous.

With Bitcoin your money is stored on a plastic debit card which you can access at Bitcoin ATM’s, EFTPOS machines in shops and online shopping web sites – Just like your debit/credit cards in your wallet.

The great news about Bitcoin and other alternative currencies is they use cryptology to secure your money instead of centralised controls. Bitcoin and alternative coins such as BankCoin are unregulated.

Bitcoins where initially mined using high speed computer graphics cards and sold on currency trading exchanges for a few dollars each.  Today you can buy/sell 0.10000001 of a Bitcoin for about $66.  Bitcoins have eight decimal places unlike cash which has only two.

Diamond Circle moved from the Brisbane city to West End to be part of this revolution.

The company provides the hardware, software and service backup solutions to support peer to peer money transfer in and out of personal Bitcoin Wallets to their customers the World over.

Diamond Circle is forging a reputation in the emerging field of Bitcoins. It was recently awarded one of Gartner’s ten Cool Company awards.

The product that brought the company to Gartner’s attention is the NFC tags that function as Bitcoin “wallets – either hung from keychain or attached to a phone. The company has been given a vote of confidence, with Gartner recommending that “IT leaders” in finance who are investigating Bitcoins should look into trialing the product.

Since alternative coins are relatively new, Diamond Circle offers free introductory information sessions on accepting alternative currencies with confidence. FOr more information about these sessions, head on over to and register your interest.

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