Blockchain: Starting Guide for beginners

19 March, 2018 Blockchain, Ebono Institute0

Author: Brian Reel

ISBN: 1983889105

Publisher: self-published, Brian Reel

BLOCKCHAIN: Starting Guide For Beginners, All About Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Mining And Future Of Money was self published by Brian Reel in January 2018 and provides a high level overview in straightforward business English.

Reel takes us through the actual processes of creating, using and trading in BitCoin as well as different ways of using the blockchain on which BitCoin is built. Each topic is dealt with in a practical way. The chapter on mining bitcoins, for example, discusses the method by which the block chain is stored and promulgated and how that is applied in the creation of new BitCoins (mining) and how companies are engaging in that mining exercise.

The information is general, providing information for the educated layperson, rather than providing technical information or specific methods for engaging in these activities. Like many of the introductory texts, especially those self published, the book is short and snappy, skipping across the surface of these complex topics.

For those who want to get an overview of the landscape quickly, this is probably ideal. Those who prefer to take more control of their research, though, a weekend on your favourite search engine may produce more useful (and current) results.

You can buy the ebook for $US0.99 by clicking here.

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