Blockchain: The Beginners Guide

19 March, 2018 Blockchain, Ebono Institute0

Author: Artemis Caro

ISBN: 1985574020

Publisher: self-published, Artemis Caro

The full title of Artemis Caro’s recent book (February 2018) is Blockchain: The Beginners Guide To Understanding The Technology Behind Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (The Future of Money). It is a quick overview and introduction aimed to provide introduce the interested reader to the overall concepts. It is cheap, $US3.10 on the Kindle and $US5.49 for the paperback and Kindle combined at the time of going to press. It is short and does not have a lot of depth. That said, it covers the basic questions in an organised fashion and gives you some pointers into what areas you might want to explore further. It sets out to cover the questions:

  • A Brief History of Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain Basics: Managing Digital Transactions
  • What is a Distributed Ledger?
  • Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin
  • Implications Of Blockchain: Big Data, Privacy & Personal Data
  • Profiting from Blockchain Technologies
  • Limitations & Challenges of Blockchain
  • The Future of Blockchain

The marketing blurb says “The goal of this book is not to plumb the depths of the mathematical wizardry used to code blockchain-based applications, but rather to serve as an introduction to the broader architecture and conceptual background behind blockchain technology.” That is something of an understatement.

If you want a quick read to bring you up to speed this is not a bad way to get an overview fast. If you like doing your own research, though, a weekend on the Internet would probably give you more satisfaction.

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